twenty five days of bloggin’ (and christmas too).

tis the season. of holiday cheer. of family-bonding. of hot cider and fireplaces. and tis the season of daily bloggin’ here on “bearings and headings.” i shall blog a lil’ something each and every day until Christmas as a sort of countdown.

now, here’s the thing…this is quite the endeavor for me. as you faithful readers well know, the bloggin’ has been sparse these days. epic fail. but my friend and fellow photographer david manning inspired me after he blogged for a whole month and rocked it. so alas, i am endeavoring to be disciplined this holiday season and perhaps spread some Christmas cheer along the way. the blogosphere can often be a lonely place though. it’s true. so if you feel like partaking in the 25 days of goodness, leave me some blog or facebook love by way of commenting. i do hope along the way that we find ourselves in a dynamic cyber-conversation.

p.s. look up. it is snowing on the blog. how cool is that?

  • MicheLe - is this a Truppo-approved post? :)ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - Good Luck! I know how hard it is to post everyday! Looking forward to new blogs on the reader!!ReplyCancel

  • cg - Can't wait to read them all!ReplyCancel

  • David Manning - So well done sir! I'm super stoked that you're doing this. It pushes you to look at all aspects of your business (mainly looking for content). That helps you in crazy ways! I'll be tuned in and awaiting your daily drop!ReplyCancel

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