Shea + Julien // A Monrovia Wedding Editorial.

I’ll never forget one of the first times I hung out with Shea…Isaac and I met up with her and Heather at a Fresh & Easy to stock up on snacks and drinks for our outing to see Miss Siagon at Moonlight Ampitheatre. The three of them were dancing and singing through the aisles as we wandered about searching for our indulgent treats. I kid you not. At one point, I’m quite sure they lined up and did a rendition of a routine for the days of old. It was hilarious. And terrifying all at the same time. What had I gotten myself into?! Haha. Little did I know, Shea would soon become a dear friend and someone who’s life would be everso connected to mine a-la Isaac. And I loved every minute of it…because as it was said on her wedding day there’s never a dull moment with Shea. She’s magnetic and quite literally lights up the room when she’s around with her smile, energy and costumes of course. Every memory I have with Shea makes me chuckle or smile or feel downright happy. She’s a hoot and I love her so.

And then there’s Julien…the ever calm, patient and quiet counterpart to all that is Shea. He’s the sweetest man and simply adores her in every way. He’s amused by her whimsy and her theatrical antics and much to my shock often times, he jumps right in and enjoys the fun as well with quite reckless abandon. I find this to be awesome-sauce. While I’ve not gotten to spend much time with him, I get the sense that he’s a deeply grounded man who works hard and is committed to loving Shea with all that he is. I like it. I’m Jeffrey Shipley and I approve of this message!

So naturally when Isaac and I got the word that Shea & Julien were engaged, we both looked at each other and said “we HAVE to shoot their wedding!” And well, that we did. Under one condition however….she requested that we put our cameras down for dinner and dancing so we could celebrate with her. Special thanks to the amazing Sarah Shreves for helping us out with the reception so we could get our groove on.

Oh what a day it was…without further ado, I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…ta-dah!!

Special thanks to the amazing creative team we worked with… Floral Design : My Splendid Sentiments // Hair & Make-up : The Loft // Dress : Mon Amie, Costa Mesa // Shoes : Jimmy Choo // Catering : Pacific Trails // Music : 11 H. Entertainment // Rentals : Dolphin Rentals // Cake & Desserts : // Baked Goods Unlimited // Videographers : Dala Horse Productions // Church : Our Savior Lutheran Church // Reception: Private Estate

As always, you can view Shea & Julien’s complete wedding editorial on their wedding website HERE.

She worn her grandmother’s pearls. Such a classic and timeless fashion choice. Love. And that paired with her stunning Jimmy Choo’s? I just about died and went to heaven.

Shea’s bouquet designed by the fabulous ladies at My Splendid Sentiments was simply breathtaking.

 Oh stop it Shea. Stop it right now. No but really go on! You are GORGEOUS!!!!I loved this moment when Shea’s grandmother peeked in to see her all dolled up. I may or may not have teared up after I took the photo. Maybe. 

Shea & Julien opted for a first look which allowed for ample time to take photos before the ceremony. So before Shea made her way, I met up with the groom on the paddock and grabbed a few shots of him being all sorts of dapper.

After the two rendezvoused (more of which I shall share later because the couple wanted to use an image or too from that series for their thank you cards), we did a quick portrait session on the paddock. The light was absolute perfection. #bam
This has to be my favorite pairing of the day…Isaac and I divided and conquered for the bridal party formals and I love these shots he got of the ladies being pretty and things! Just as the sun set, we made our way to the church for the ceremony. How adorable are these flower girls in their Belle dresses?!
It was a beautifully intimate, heartwarming and meaningful service full of lots of laughter and tears. I love this shot Isaac got of Shea and her dad walking down the aisle. Mr. & Mrs. Leparoux! 

And now onto the reception. I loved the jewel toned color palette. So bold and elegant. 

And this cake? So fun and chic. I always get all sorts of emotional during the dances….and this one was a doozie. 

Heartfelt toasts from Shea & Julien’s nearest and dearest. Julien milked moment for all that is was worth. He was hilarious! Shea surprised Julien with a song. It was amazing!

As always, you can view Shea & Julien’s complete wedding editorial on their wedding website HERE.


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