re-fine, re-fresh, re-brand.

detail buy propecia online I find it funny that I am SUCH a seasons kind of guy. As in I’m greatly affected by seasons and often find myself in similar states of mind (and heart) each time September rolls around. I am sure there is some crazy physchological reason for this and there is probably heaps of buried meaning in it, but for now, I’m going to go with my age-old, “I like change” explanation. And for those of you who know me and have read my blog over the years, you know this. And you’re thinking, “For the love! We get it. You like change. Good for you. Blah, blah blah” and to you I say, “Yea, so what?! I do what I want. So take that!” Haha. But in all seriousness, I think change and forward movement is particularly important as an artist and a businessperson. If you’re not moving forward, you’re stagnant, and that’s no bueno my friends. Further, I think that it’s important to stay relevant to who you are currently and move your brand in the direction of the types of clients you want to be working and toward the work that reflects what you love.

benadryl price project To that end, I’ve done quite an extensive overhaul to my site. While I loved my former site and it worked very well for me, I’ve since out-grown it so to speak. It was kind of like that pair of jeans that was perfect when you first bought them and for a few seasons past, but is now something you just have TO LET GO. So that’s what I did. I parted with the dark, grudgyness and the polaroids and courier font. I pulled out images that were old, out-dated and no longer a good representation of the work I’m currently producing even though they were intrinsically solid photographs. My previous site was fun, funky, young, hip. And while that was great then, I now needed to my site to be more refined, polished, mature and sophisticated to match my growth personally, stylistically and professionally.

standardize You’ll now see a clean white background and dark walnut accents throughout as well as a pop of orange & teal to bring in some of that mid-century aesthetic I’m everso found of. I pulled inspiration from GQ & Details as well as mid-century furniture and home design. I wanted it to be modern yet warm and interesting have a very masculine, GQ, and sexy vibe to it. Here’s the inspiration board I created on my closet door and the Pinterest board I created to work from…

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pop over to these guys

And here’s what resulted…

One of the things I loved about my old site was some of the clean, simple layouts. I wanted to keep some of them in essence but give them a new look.

Since Showit is constantly adding new features, I was excited to work some of them into my new site. My home page how has text descriptions that appear when you hover over the images. Each image then takes you to a different section of the site accordingly.

I completely re-thought the about section. I wanted there to be lots of content for people to browse if they were interested but didn’t want to smack them upside the head with it. So I opted to have a table of contents like page that would then direct viewers to the sections then were interested in checking out.

One of those sections is a new “Five Things I’m Exciting About This Month” feature.

And of course, a revised biography page…

And raves section that features cool hover-over caption functionality.

One of the issues I was having with the old version of my site was people not seeing the intro pricing information page. So to ensure they saw it, in order to complete an inquiry form they have to go through the pricing page. Also, I created a new set of inquiry forms that are way more personalized and fun and help me collect the type of information that I need to give a personal and relevant response.

There you have it. So what do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback, so head over to the site, and look for the “leave a comment” at the very bottom of the site.

  • heaven - beauty is as beauty does. i applaud you for getting it all done. being that i haven’t done it and have been meeeaaaning to update for about 3 years. giant kuddos friend.. it looks spectacular. spectacular.ReplyCancel

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