My first official weekend in Seattle, my friend John invited me up to his neck of the woods for a outdoor adventure with his family through Lord Hill Regional Park. So we booted up and made our way through puddles, frost bitten fallen leaves and mossy forests…taking pictures all along the way. John is a photographer as […]

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  • Laura Vicory - I love this!! So happy about my new friend Jeff! Must have the family photes you took of us!ReplyCancel

There’s something about all this newness that has me all sorts of introspective, terribly observant, and really quite emotional. It’s odd. The stark comparisons to what was and now what is have been a bit shocking and often send me spiraling into a sea of feelings of loss, sadness, fear…almost as if I wish all […]

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  • Sonja - Oh, dear friend. What an honest portrait of your inner life right now. Your prose reminds me of a beautiful poem that came into my life in my own first solitary transition from place to place. I find it terribly relevant to your life today. -Sonja

    “After divorce”

    by Lucy Shaw

    for Lanny

    The in-between is hard,
    the mid-air, the limbo
    between bank
    and bank,
    the long leap (legs
    flailing, body un-
    grounded, askew in space)
    the scare
    of alien air,
    the interval of being
    in no place,
    having no where.

    With love left behind,
    and uncertain landing waits.
    feels the fall–feet first
    on firm sod, or (up-ended,
    unbalanced, off-guard)
    slipping on a cruel
    gravel. Yes.
    It is the in-between
    that is hard.ReplyCancel

Today marks an exciting time for many people around the world. It’s the day when many are resolute about reaching their optimal health or kicking that dreadful habit or calling their mothers more often. It’s a new year and the fresh slate is alluring and inviting to say the least. And of course, I too […]

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  • Courtney - Beautifully written! I completely relate the the “floating and suspended” way of life and wish you the best as you ground yourself! :)ReplyCancel

  • Julie Massie - This post does my heart good. I am so happy for you, friend. Wishing you joy and blessings in 2013. xoxoReplyCancel

I’ll never forget one of the first times I hung out with Shea…Isaac and I met up with her and Heather at a Fresh & Easy to stock up on snacks and drinks for our outing to see Miss Siagon at Moonlight Ampitheatre. The three of them were dancing and singing through the aisles as […]

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  • Kerry Mincher - I have never seen a more beautiful wedding! I can only hope Julien brings his beautiful bride to Saratoga and stops by at 186Geyser Road!ReplyCancel

As we rounded the corner where all the mountainous glory is revealed on Highway 395, what I saw made me nervous. It was just past noon, and already the sky was all sorts of gray and ominous. Rumor had it that it was raining more than usual in the Sierras all summer long and torrential […]

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  • Lindsay - Hey Jef! My sister and I own “Sweet Thing” so you can link to our website :)


“Can we take you out to ice cream after our meeting?” she wrote. “ICE CREAM?!! Uhh, yes, of course you can! I love ice cream,” I replied. And well, it was right then and right there that I knew they were my perfect clients. Jessica and Travis are two of the coolest, most stylish people […]

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