Pacific Northwest Adventure #1 // Lord Hill Park My first official weekend in Seattle, my friend John invited me up to his neck of the woods for a outdoor adventure with his family through Lord Hill Regional Park. So we booted up and made our way through puddles, frost bitten fallen leaves and mossy forests…taking pictures all along the way. John is a photographer as well, so he gets the whole just-a-minute-I-MUST-take-a-picture-of-this-and-that-and-this thing. And I tend to wander off or lag behind the group. Sorry about it. Sometimes I can’t tell if my friends like that about me or are totally annoyed. Although, I do give them fair warning. It’s just how it goes when you hang with me, and I’ll likely sucker you into posing for a portrait or doing a cheesy self portrait with me. So if you come visit me in Seattle, prepare yourself, cuz that’s how I roll, people!

visite So needless to say, we had a grand old time, and it was the perfect way to get reacquainted with my mountain-man self. Here are a few of my favorite images from our hike…

rencontre musulmane gratuit inchallah

SEE, I’m not the only one! ;-) But John is way more badass with, you know, a kid strapped to his back and his medium format camera and his beautiful wife. #outdone

I’m obsessed with the Pacific Northwest. Already. So glad I live here!

I just had to make the whole Vicory gang climb up on the log for a family photo. So glad we did it.

Sam makes me laugh. All. The. Day. Long. He is quite a character. And these next two shots may be some of my favorite image I’ve taken in a long while…


Until my next adventure…go well my friends!

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