the holidays for the shipleys are nothing short of adventurous and we always are sure to get in our share of snow-play. so today, we hauled out the sleds for some ‘mobiling in the fresh powder. it was a “blue bird day” and we had quite a delightful time. but i am exhausted. it’s hard work playing so hard.

shortly after we got home, we whipped up some apple and butternut squash soup and headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house for our shipley holiday dinner. this year we kept it simple and dinned on various snacks and soups. it was wonderfully relaxing, and none of us spent all day in the kitchen or all night at the sink. good call, especially after such a long day of play.

here are a few more shots from our day…

the mom. she’s hardcore these days.

me and my mama.
perfect pow. well, at least it was. ;)

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