marc b.

Look At This

marc likes pizza and waves. jam sessions and random adventures. he only wears shoes when he has to. you see, marc…well, he likes it mellow. he’s a california guy in the truest of forms and when i hang out with him or see him perform, i can’t help but slow down a bit and enjoy the simple things in life, the everydayness, the in between. i need people like this in my life. people who remind me to simply be and to live in the present. and that’s what we did for marc’s shoot. we lived. we experienced. and here’s what resulted from his lifestyle photo shoot…
be sure to check out his music here.
marc threw bark at me. rude. but of course, i love it. and asked him to do it over and over again.

skinoren cream price in uae and then he threw it on himself. nice.

then i made him lie down among the agave. and he said it was quite enjoyable. naturally.
jah, he really is that cool.
i love how you can see the guy smoking in this shot.

i found me a smoldering taco stand grill perfectly situated on the street corner. epic.

a secret access point to the waves marc took me too with a schweet bridge.
one of my favorite shots to date.

and then i photographed marc eating pizza. he didn’t talk to me the whole time. rude. so i lurked around all sniper status.

interesting sidenote…after the first few frames, my display and most of my buttons on my camera stopped working completely. all i had control over was the aperture and shutter speed. and of course i couldn’t preview images to make sure they were good. oh what fun. since my backup was on the other side of town, we just rolled with it. and i rocked it old school status like the good old film days. i had only shot film for a semester way back in high school but apparently it paid off. yaya. i literally had no clue if any of the shots would turn out and that’s a scary thing. i don’t know how the film shooters do it. so props to jose villa.
copyright j. shipley 2010

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