lacy + john: a wedding editorial | bishop, california.

buy modafinil australia reddit together we used to build forts and explore the wilderness around our mountain homes. we raced sticks down the creek and showed off our skills on the trampoline. we performed in plays at good ol’ crowley christian school and recited memorized scriptures weekly. we’d been neighbors, classmates, small group co-leaders, but most importantly, we’ve been friends for years. and years.

as i walked john out to meet his bride this hit me. hard. i thought about the sticks, the forts, the trampoline, the plays. and i almost started crying. but i channelled the inner professional and pulled it together so he didn’t have a hott mess of a photographer on his hands. i was photographing his wedding. the boy i used to play legos with was now a groom, and i was there to capture it all–to take part in his new beginning. it was a honor and joy.

to make it all the sweeter, lacy is simply wonderful, as is her family and crew of ladies, and hoards of my beloved childhood friends and their families came to witness the blessed occasion. the day was easy, relaxed and fun. just my style. so, without further ado, i give you john + lacy’s wedding editorial…(for more of the story, you can view their wedding slideshow here).

i love this shot with lacy’s mom in the background,

they thought i was funny. or someone was funny. oh and that tree with the orange berries? we all LOVED it everso. it made an appearance in quite a few of the photos. 

elegant beauty.

i love this moment right before john saw his wife-to-be. 
i made them stand in an apple tree. it was hilarious. and so worth it
a classic nod to american gothic. 
lacy is fierce here. i’m sayin’. 

the boys. i went to high school with most of this crew. so cool. 
all you have to do to get a groom to smile is talk about his bride. i love that. 

the gorgeous and intimate ceremony… 
first dance and toast smiles. some of my favorite wedding day moments. 

john + lacy, thank you for including me in your special day. blessings on your marriage. all my love, – j.

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