KRISTEN SIGMEN // SENIOR PORTRAITS I’ve known this one her entire life. I remember when her parents first introduced us to their new wee lass and when she learned her pleases and thanks yous. I babysat her and her brother Taylor, spent countless 4th of July’s and lake days on Crowley with her and her family and shared many a meal together. At the kid’s table. Hh. Our families have been inseperable for over two decades and fond memories come to mind when anyone mentions the Sigmens. So needless to say, Kristen is just that…family! So when it came time for her senior portraits, I happily obliged to take them and sought out to create some more beautiful portraits Aunt Lisa could add to her walls. I photographed her son Taylor a few years back and did their family portraits as well…which I hardly ever do…but for them, I’d do just about anything. Well, except let Lisa put celery in the salad. Eww. And I digress…back to the woman of the hour, Kristen…

voltaren uk I dragged her out of bed at 6AM for an early morning shoot. With afternoon thunderstorms cramping my style for evening light, I demanded an early morning shoot instead. Oh happy day. So there I was bright eyed and bushy tailed in their kitchen just as the sun peaked over the mountains. She was slightly less than enthused about my chipper-ness, but alas, she woke up once I started telling jokes. I’m funny like that. We had ourselves a mountain adventure including a drive along a road in an open range, tip-toeing out on rocks in a frigid lake, ducking through barbed wire and dodging cow-patties in the field…that’s how we do it in these parts. Classy I know.

refine buy ranitidine I adore her. And I can hardly believe she’s all growed up! Geesh. She’s magnetic this one and has a firy personality that I’m come to love. She’s got that punchy bit of sass yet is sweet and considerate to boot. She’s always down for a fun time and laughs as much as possible along the way…because, well, life is sweeter and richer that way. So laugh we did as we made our way through the most beautiful spaces in the Sierras. Take a gander if you please…I hope I don’t get in trouble from Aunt Lisa for any of these shots. Eeeek. :-p

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