katya nova photography // a j. shipley design project.

Today brings yet another installment of design goodness…and I’m estatic to finally share this one with you. So I’m going to get right to it. :-)

Our friendship with Katya and her awesome hubby began (and grew) on the interwebs. We’ve still not met in person (which pains us greatly) yet we feel like we could still waste the days away together sipping wine and talking about life and business. We just clicked immediately, and we’re deeply grateful for that. The process of building their custom website was truly remarkable and delightful. Every Skype call I had with Katya was chocked full of laughter, inspiring conversations and heaps of excitement. Often times we proclaimed our mutual desire to climb through the computer screen to give each other a big ol’ squeeze. When she told me the vision for her brand, I got even more excited about the project. Awesome person + awesome vision = bangin’ website. And well, that’s what resulted. It’s my favorite website to date and to be honest, I kind of wanted to keep it all to myself. I love it that much. But alas, it was way more suited for her…so I relinquished it. Sigh. So without further ado, here’s the project process, highlights and details for katyanova.com

The Katya Nova Photography brand is sensual, intimate, soft, romantic and downright sexy and of course, we wanted her custom Showit site to reflect all that. So we looked to W Magazine, Dolce & Gabanna, Armani, Fendi for inspiration. Since they just recently moved to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, we also, of course, looked to the ocean for inspiration as well…which is where the sea foam green accent color stemmed from. Overall, we wanted the white canvas and clean design to be the prefect backdrop for with their Caribbean imagery and North American imagery. Here’s the inspiration board that resulted….

And here are some of our favorite layouts…

After flipping through pages of W Magazine, I got the idea to treat each offering she has as an sort of editorial. So each one has a cover page just like many fashion stories have.

The layouts feature lots of negative space and simple and clean treatments, giving it that romantic, spacious feel.

Each offering has a corresponding inquiry section so that they are able to collect specific information about their prospective clients and can custom tailor their responses.

We made custom, magazine inspired galleries that display their beautiful imagery in a chic and sophisticated way.

And of course, we weaved in some fun photos from their engagement shoot with [b]ecker and about sections to show of Katya & Rob’s magnetic personalities. Bam.

  • Katya Nova - You are a remarkable in every way… I still can’t believe how amazing our ‘world web face’ is, it’s more that anything I could have wanted… Thank you so SO SO much for your passion, attentiveness, openness, humor, patience, and unbelievable talent. Our new website is PRICELESS to us. And so is this new friendship. We can’t wait for you guys to come to Punta Cana and visit us soon!!! Love, love, love.ReplyCancel

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