Jessica & Travis // Beloved

file buy clenbuterol online “Can we take you out to ice cream after our meeting?” she wrote. “ICE CREAM?!! Uhh, yes, of course you can! I love ice cream,” I replied. And well, it was right then and right there that I knew they were my perfect clients. Jessica and Travis are two of the coolest, most stylish people yet. And they are just plain fun too bot. When they came over to chat about wedding photography, we found ourselves lost in conversation about other things. You know…life, adulthood, work and play. Jessica and I commiserated about being organized and such and Travis and Isaac about not being so. Haha. We told stories, laughed at inappropriate jokes, and wined and dined (on a fabulous cheese plate of course). And when it finally came time to talk shop, Travis said, “it’s time for ice cream!” Jessica and I exchanged glances as if to say, we’ll talk details via email later. So we ran off to one of our favorite fro-yo places (Buzios), and indulged. And we laughed. A lot. Sigh.

benfotiamine uk Jessica and Travis have this way about them. They exude confidence and a knowingness that makes me want to be all grown up too…I admire that quality about them. They know what they want (and don’t) and they are deeply commmited to living well and to loving well along the way. Of course, all the while they are experiencing as much of life as they can…between trips to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, nights out at their favorite eateries, and being all sorts of hardcore at Crossfit in prepartion for their upcoming sprint triathlon, they pursue what they love with abandon. Together. Because, well, they are better that way. Life is better. You can tell by the way she makes him laugh. It’s that double-over kind of laughter where your eyes shut and your nose wrinkles up. It’s in the way that he pulls her hair from her face. How she looks at him as if he’s the only thing worth looking at. Needless to say these two are smitten with each other and it’s no wonder they make such a great combo. They are each such beautiful, magnetic people and them together is just too good to be true. I’m pretty sure I’m friend crushing on them. Hardcore. And lucky for me, they HAVE to hang out with me for at least 8 hours more come May. *Evil Laugh*.

cialis uk over the counter So without any further rambling on my part, I will cut to the good stuff…the images from Jessica & Travis’s Beloved Session down in Orange County at Strawberry Farms. Special thanks to the ever-fabulous Alex from Ave Styles for helping pull together these amazing outfits. I just about died when they walked out of the bathroom in their ensembles. And then I got jealous of Travis’s clothes. Haha. It was not a good look….and I’m moving on before I start foaming at the mouth….

prednisone uk еnable It was sweltering when we first started, so we opted for the shade of the front porch to start things off. And well, apparently I made them laugh. I’m funny like that.

this hyperlink This is the part where I told Jessica to whisper something inappropriate in Travis’s ear…I’m pretty sure she said nothing but just kept laughing. #worksforme #smiles

Such a stud this one…all dapper and such. Jessica, you’re gorgeous! Go ON!I bet Isaac was dancing during the shot on the right…

Pretty light. #thankyouverymuchoc

Again, I’m funny. Hire me, I’ll make you laugh…by saying things like fart and boobies. Works EVERY time. :-p

I love this shot Isaac got in the window reflection.

I lurved Jessica whole look. So chic and fabulous.

Travis, you handsome man you. Their connection is so real and honest and alive. I just loved watching them be themselves…Outfit change…and funny story…ok, so the image on the left is a few frames in from the first in this scenario….because well, when I pretended to be Jessica to show her what I wanted her to do, I had to crouch down a bit so I was at the proper height…so I do that. And then come around the porch and get to my spot and well, she was mimicking me EXACTLY. Crouched and all. I just about died. It was hilarious, and it was then that my friend crush got even bigger. Clearly I need to be a bit more specific. :-pSeriously? You two are too much. The light was gorgeous towards the end and made for the most romantic of settings to finish off the shoot.

For more from Jessica & Travis’s Beloved Session, view their slideshow HERE.

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