jasmine: her quinceañera.

this content i’d never been to a quinceañera before, nonetheless photographed one. but a while back, jasmine asked me to come up to mammoth and photograph her’s. and i must say, it was quite fun. jasmine and her family were such a pleasure to work with, and we snagged some awesome photos of the party. que bueno. and i loved it all along the way. being able to experience such an exciting cultural celebration and eat some authentic mexican grub was quite a treat. here are a few of my favorite images from the day. jasmine is quite photogenic and of course didn’t take a bad shot.

this is jasmine.

check out that dress?! so gorgeous.

she was all about the black and pink…
i had so much fun with all the lil’ guys who were all sorts of decked out in their festive garb. we were playing photo tag out by the pool and i managed to some fun shots of them. this dude was my favorite. he loved getting his photo taken…

the essentials to any mexican fiesta…

  • Bethany - beautiful! i wish my sweet 16 was that awesome!! love the pics and her dress is amazing!!!ReplyCancel

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