Hey 2012

buy furosemide 40 mg online Oh hey there 2012! You’re looking mighty fine if I might say so myself. All bright and shiny and new. And all sorts of sexy with that yet-to-be-realized potential of yours. You saucy minx you….Oh sorry, I got distracted….ha.

my explanation Hello friends. It’s a New Year, and I’m LOVING it already! You know me, I’m smitten with fresh starts and change, and well, the dawn of 2012 is no exception. I’m all sorts of amped for what lies ahead. I’ve spent the past week or so focusing in on what I want this year to look like and casting some vision in both my personal and professional life. While the task of goal-setting has seemed all too ominous and a recipe for disappointment in the past, I aimed to get after it and make myself a list this year so that perhaps I may do a fair bit of box-checking. And being the type-A dude that I am, I divided my goals into various categories. I know, I know, I’m just that cool. For you curious cats, the categories were as follows…Professional, Personal, Relational and my list isn’t exactly short and it’s a bit dreamy, but my hope is that it’s achievable (at least for the most part)…we shall see. Only time will tell.

https://www.premiercorporatesuites.com/21624-ph81832-synthroid-from-mexico.html But I sure am excited for all the moments to be experienced, the photographs to be made, the relationships to be cultivated and anything more that lies ahead in 2012. #bam #sofrickenexcited

So here’s to 2012! I hope you have an amazing year filled with enriching conversations, transformative experiences, and meaningful relationships and may you find yourself becoming the truest, most-authentic version of yourself in the process. And I’m looking forward to sharing in this year with you in whatever capacity that may be. Oh happy day.

Hugs and kisses,

– Jeffrey

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