he taught me well.

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he always makes me laugh with his impressive and hilarious faces, strange sounds, and funny ways of saying things. he’s insightful and full of wisdom and guidance. we talk almost every day and when we don’t, i feel like something is missing. he spends countless hours advising me and my business and simply encourages me along the way. he taught me how to throw a ball (or at least he tried…throwing or catching have never been my strong suit. haha. hence the fat lip when i was ten because i totally missed the pop fly and it hit me right in the face). he taught me how to change the my tires and my oil (which i still always have him do for me. and i hope that doesn’t ever have to change). he taught me how to wield frankincense-n-mer, the happy saw, the ginsu, the master-of-disaster-blaster, and lil-sparky. (name that tool…) he taught me how to mow the lawn, drive a manual, and how to shave and open the door for the ladies. among many other things.

when i stop and think about the role that my parents have had in my life and all the things they have taught me, i can’t help but feel overwhelmed, grateful and blessed. my dad has had a huge role in shaping me into the man i am today. and really, i couldn’t have asked for a better dad. you see, my dad is the type of person who simply loves well. he constantly gives of himself, his time and his resources to help a friend who needs it. he cares deeply for the people around then and loves them in an authentic and intentional way. and he does the same for us. for me. he is always available and will stop everything he’s doing, for me. to answer my seventh phone call of the day, to build out my crazy designs for my launch party, to move me (again), or to stay up late discussing business plans and all my crazy ideas. he’s constant. and present. and well that’s an awesomely reassuring thing to know and to experience.
oh father! thank you. for all that and more. you are such a gift to me and our family, and i am so incredibly grateful for and blessed by you and what you do for me. i’m so very proud to be your son. (and now, i’m crying…so i’m off to get some sun on my pasty-white skin poolside). love you dad! hope you have blessed day. wish i could be there with you to barb-e-quuuuuuue, barb-e-que.
[p.s. that photo was taken (by my mama i think) at my graduation party and i think it captures our relationship quite well].

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