as my family and i sat around the kitchen table at my grandparent’s home feasting on thanksgiving leftovers, we laughed, we cried, and we chuckled. you know the kind of laughter…the kind when you can barely breathe, and your eyes well up with tears and you find yourself rolling around in your chair or sometimes even on the floor. all of which makes you laugh even harder. and when you finally catch your breath, your stomach hurts. i am thankful for that moment in my grandma’s kitchen when all was right with the world. we were full of turkey and full of laughter and joy. and in that moment, i found myself thankful.

for my incredible family.
for the fact that both sets of my grandparents are still very much alive.
that my auntie and i have grown so close in the last 5 or so years.
for my sweet puppy dog, lydia.
for sara truppo and the incredible blessing she has been to me and my biz.
for michele mollkoy and the ways in which she supports and challenges me.
for my Westmont education and the people i met along the way and the sacrifice my parents made so i could go there.
for my friends who love and support me no matter what and allow me to be fully me.
that i get to do what i love.
for my clients who are simply wonderful and energizing.

for my life. and for all that it is and those who are part of it.
i am blessed. and so very grateful.

and of course, here are a few photos of my family’s thanksgiving feast…

i quite liked my auntie’s corn casserole. so good.

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