last night i conquered one of my fears. it was a ceremonious occasion. albeit ridden with bucket loads of anxiety, nervous pacing, sweaty palms and heavy breathing. i had flashbacks to traumatic moments from my childhood. my dad had to coach me through it and offer moral support all along the way.

but desperate times had called for desperate measures. it was time to face my fear…


ugh, it’s the worst. and i’m legitimately afraid of it. well that, and liquid medication of any type.

you see, when i was a wee lad, i had bronchitis. it was gnarly. and naturally, the doctor prescribed cough medication. but i refused to take it even though i was deathly ill. finally, after days of hacking and high fevers, my family decided, they were going to have to force me to take it. of course, i fought long and hard, running away from them, squirming, and spitting lumpy, pasty, pink medication all over the place. i was not about it. that stuff was nasty and made me gag. no thank you.

long story short: i hate the smell, sight, taste, and utter existence of cough medicine. it’s just awful. ewww!

but last night the promise of a good night’s sleep, relieved symptoms and easier breathing, was so alluring. so i mustered up all the courage i had, and decided to face my fear and take some nyquil. this had only happened one other time in my adult life. true story. and sure, they have gel caps, but that was all we had in the medicine cabinet. pity i know.

so i made my dad pour “the shot”, completed a rigorous stretching regimen, went to my happy place and downed it. bamn! take that fear. and of course, promptly my dad said “see it’s not that bad”. no dad, it is THAT bad. it’s horrific. miserable. terrifying. yuck! it still makes me naus to think about it. but as sara truppo says “this is make it work 2010.” so there you have it. needless to say, i may not have conquered my fear, but i faced it and i slept like a baby. i hope and pray i don’t have to do it again tonight. or ever for that matter. gross!

  • derek lapsley - you're a dork, nyquil is dee-licious, mmmmmm!!! i hope you feel better buddy…

    haha, "better buddy", that rhymes!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - I LOVE that I got a shout-out in relation to your "fear conquering!" :)ReplyCancel

  • Challenger - that wedding u did it doesnt look real…i mean if it is its freking amazing..or u made it look like that..whichever:)but amazing…and about the nyquil i totally agree a month ago i had bad ass flu and my sister made me drink it…and ughh well u know the feeling…well i just wanted to leave a comment about ur pictures:) second half is a bonus:) ur deff. hired if i ever get screwed into marrying someone:)ReplyCancel

  • Lain Eubank - LOL! This stuff is my best friend when I am sick. Now if you are talking about the green nyquil, you are totally spot on.ReplyCancel

  • Christina - aren't parents the best? and yes, i hate medicine too!ReplyCancel

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