ellen + chris // beloved.

they met online. i love this about them because it’s just awesome. (i’m a huge fan of online dating because it allows you to skip the whole classic dating game and seems to elicit genuine connections with compatible people…and i digress). so they knew from the onset that they were compatible and after the same things in life. they instantly connected and soon found themselves sitting across from each other at p.f. changs laughing, connecting, conversing. and falling in love. they knew early on that their two lives would become one, that they would share a love that runs deep, that they would grow old together. it’s evident that they are meant for each other and that there is no place they’d rather be than in each other’s arms. it’s true. i seen it in real life. haha.

she is his beloved and he is hers. and this is their beloved shoot.

as we roamed the cal tech campus in pasadena, we laughed and we cried. together. because, well that’s what i do with my clients. i laugh when they laugh, and i cry when they cry. i can’t help myself. during those short few hours we spent together, ellen + chris invited me to witness and capture their connection–their undying and beautiful connection. and i couldn’t help but be moved by what i saw. the way she looked into his eyes. the way she cracked up at his innappropriate whispers in her ear. the way he encouraged her to be confident in her beauty and embrace being photographed. the way he held her as if she was his most treasured possession. that my friends is what happened on ellen + chris’s beloved shoot, and it was a beautiful thing. sigh. and now i can hardly wait for their wedding in april. i adore this couple and it’s no wonder to me how my aunt and ellen have been friends for over twenty-five years. they are both wonderful people.

p.s. clearly i’ve been feeling black and white lately. it’s so purdy. i’m addicted to it. :-)

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