Downtown LA-ing I don’t get out and wander as much as I should and really as much as I’d like to. There’s something so freeing and inspiring to wander about, stopping to inspect, admire, notice, and photograph along the way, taking in all that is the world around me. My friend Ashley invited me to join her and some of our friends from Tuesday Wine Night for a mid-week adventure into the heart of Los Angeles…something I’d only done and time or two. Pathetic I know provided that I live just a hop, skip and a jump from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant, artistic, and downright intriguing metropolis. It’s such a fun city. And I love what’s happening in the downtown and arts district. It feels so alive, so on-the-edge, so inventive, and quite frankly I needed to immerse myself into the goodness. And let me tell you, it felt good, very good.

Although, I probably wasn’t the best company to be honest. I lagged behind, wandered off, spoke few words, and had far more alone time than one would expect to have at a group outing to be sure. To my comrades, “I’m terribly sorry.” But to my creative self “you’re welcome!” It’s the risk you run inviting a camera laden artist into the vibrance of urban LA. Oddly enough, I didn’t take all that many photos. I pressed my shutter about 40 times as we shuffled along for hours. But observe, notice, reflect I did. We covered some serious ground on foot, and while I’m a self-proclaimed people photographer, I didn’t take but a few photos of the people I was with. And it’s not because they weren’t interesting or beautiful or worthy of being photographed–they are just that in fact–but my mind’s eye was smitten by something else that night. Lines and textures. Light and reflections. Shapes and shadows. And so that’s what I photographed, mostly anyhow. And I loved every minute of it.

I refrain from commentary along the way here to allow the images to tell the story of my wanderings, but I did want to point out that the current exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art are magnificent. They have an ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF MARK ROTHKOS. Yup. It’s amazing. And if you know me, I love me some Mark Rothko. I was a Happy-Jeff for sure. And they have a beautiful, evocative Weegee photography exhibition on display right now. In many of his images, he depicts an unexpected aspect of Hollywood. For example, instead of focusing on the celebrity, he focuses on the fans at premieres and such. So the body of work as a whole ends up being a commentary on fan culture. He was very keen on flipping thing on their heads. In one series of images, he photographed a few cars on the street,  but then in the next image, he double developed an upside down image of the car on top of the other as to create totally false reality that made you question the original photo itself. Bam. It was wonderful, I highly recommend you wander down there and check it out for yourself. It’s free on Thursday evenings or if you take the metro you can get two tickets for the price of one when you show your metro card. You’re welcome for insider info. :-p

Alas, here are a few frames from my wanderings in Downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy.

And here are some places we stopped for some good eats along the way…

Cielto Lindo // They have the best Taquitos with a yummy avocado sauce that’s to die for. It’s located on the corner of Main and Cesear Chavez side of the Olvera Street Mexican market.

Spring Street Bar // After wandering around the MOCA, we stopped off for drinks at Spring Street Bar. It’s fun little place with a great atmosphere and numerous libations. It’s young and hip and just my kind of place.


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