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check out I’m struggling with my words today. Awesome. Haha. Perhaps today’s just one of those days where I should let the pictures speak for themselves and leave it at that…but then again, there are few things I’d like to say about Chandler…so here we go. Sorry if my words are untidy…

renew Chandler Payne. She’s awesome-tastic. She’s bold, vibrant, magnetic and is the type of person who does life her own way. I love that about her. She owns who she is and she rocks it. Red hair and all. Unabashed. And well my friends, that’s how life should be lived. I admire her for that and I just adore all that she is. Like I said, she’s awesome-tastic! Yup.

maximize So naturally, I just had to get her in front of my camera. So during my visit with my family for the 4th, we had ourselves a little fashion photo shoot in the mountains. It was a blasty-blast and I’m so excited to share these images with you, Dearest Internet. So without any further ado, I live you the gorgeous and stylish, Miss Chandler Payne. minimize The end. Thanks for browsing. Until next time my friends…go well!

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  • Pamela Payne - Those are beautiful!!!! I knew you two would do something amazing? Can I order a couple 8 by 10 prints?ReplyCancel

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