Caitlin + Jay // Beloved.

The way he talks about her, with complete & total adoration, and the way she looks at him, bright-eyed & honest, is enough to make your heart melt. He thinks she is the most perfect, beautiful woman on Earth, and he’s completely taken by her. You can see it in the way he holds her, how he kisses her forehead, how is whispers in her ear. And all the while you can see in her eyes that she loves him in a way she thought not possible and with each squeeze of his bicep and each clasp of his hand, she’s reminding herself, “this is real and he is mine.” Together they make quite the pair and even with just a few moments with them, you realize they are meant for each other and are better for it. They have this energy about them that is at times vibrant and playful and at others calm & grounded. It’s quite magnetic really. And Isaac and I left our time with them reeling about how energized we felt and how they are our perfect clients. Le sigh.

Caitlin & Jay are wedding photographers themselves (check out their site HERE), which as you can imagine, made us a bit nervous before the shoot. But thankfully, they put us at ease, trusted us fully, and gave us permission to do our thang. And they were totally down for whatever and allowed us to explore some beautiful aspects of their connection. I loved every moment of it. Jay picked out the most beautiful space just outside San Luis Obisbo to work in, and I just about died when I saw the moss covered trees and the beautiful light pouring in. Here are a few selections from their Beloved Session…
Caitlin, you are gorgeous. Go on! :-) 
The pose here on the left was totally Caitlin’s idea and I loved it. So stinkin’ cute. Oh the perks of photographing wedding photographers… :-p
I think this might be my favorite paring from the shoot. Yes, yes it is!#stud!


Thanks for looking and C&J, thanks for being awesome and things! :-) Can’t wait for your wedding next month! EEEEEEEEE!

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