Bre + Kendall // A Los Angeles Wedding Editorial.

transpose macrobid cost I’m at a loss for words. Shocker I know. But to try to sum up how much this wedding and this couple means to me seems like an impossible task. But alas, here I am in front of my computer at a cute little coffee shop in Seattle, thinking about my sweet friends Bre & Kendall…and well, I’m half smiling and half fighting back the urge to turn into a puddle of tears in front of all these hipsters. And well, that wouldn’t be pretty. Ha. SO I’m going to try to keep it together…for their sake…the hipsters. (Who I love btw)….onward…

One of my best friends (Larissa) introduced Isaac and I to Bre & Kendall sometime around the Holidays last year. And well, since then, the four of us have been inseparable. We’ve spent countless nights playing Phase 10 and Catch Phrase, indulging on our famous cheese plate, drinking way too many bottles of Rex Goliath cab, and checking dozens of adventures and eateries off our summer bucket list. There were our every-day friends as I like to call them. And beyond our fun times together, we became friends of a deeper sort…the kind who push you to be a better person, who ask you the questions no one else does, who know how to handle you when you’re hungry and hot (a lethal combination for me. ha). They became the kind of friends who made the everyday just that much better and all the sweeter. I love them for that. And for the memories we made this summer. (P.S. I’m talking in the past tense because they just moved and well, I don’t want to talk about it. Haha).
Ok back to their big day…SO needless to say when their wedding day arrived the first weekend of July, we couldn’t have been more honored to be there and to celebrate them all weekend long. They crafted one of the most intimate, personal and stylish weddings I’ve ever been a part of. It was fabulous and delightfully fun. Isaac and I gifted them a portrait session as a wedding gift and they opted to have us come do a session with them pre-festivies. And well, we got a bit carried away and end up shooting the whole event because it was just that awesome and fun and totally them. It was such a honor to document their love and celebrate their awesome-tastic-ness!
So without any more ramblings, I give you Bre & Kendall’s wedding at the adorable Farmer’s Daughter Hotel in Hollywood.
We had to let the anticipation of their first look build even more and it was awesome!
Oh stop it be Bre!!!!! You foxy lass you!And Kendall you are stunning! Work it!Some of my favorite wedding portraits ever. So vibrant, colorful and full of love and tenderness. I cried a lot during this shoot. And after. And now. These are my friends. Bre & Kendall. I shall frame this photo of them and put it in my house….so I can forever be reminded of their laughs and what it feels like to be with them. That’s love right there. Yup. Stop it with that billowing dress Kendall. SO cute!The best. Sexy. These are two of my besties! And I love this photo. Deeply. It is SO us. That’s me and a piggy.
Type-written notes of encouragement and hope. Ducky kisses!Yes they had twinkies, moon pies, succulents, billy buttons, burlap, milk glass and fried pickles. The South meets LA. Country meets chic. LOVE!The exchange of vows…I cried. A LOT. We all did. Somehow we managed to snap a few photos through the floods. Haha. And this is exactly how it felt…. Stylish, intimate, honest and perfectly Bre & Kendall. I love every minute of it. That’s how it’s down friends. Take notes.


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