an iris book.

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yesterday, i received the album i designed for micah and claragrace. and i am so pumped about it. i photographed their wedding back in june up in san francisco and i still get all sorts of excited when i think about all that was their special day. i got the chance to photograph in some of the coolest parts of the city all because micah and claragrace wanted their wedding photos to be epic. they tailored their wedding day schedule to accommodate as many on-location shoots as possible. they wanted each shoot to be somewhere unique, meaningful and simply bad-ass. i was spoiled. they even had me drive them 30 minutes through traffic to a pier that was on the opposite side of the city just to get this one shot micah had envisioned for quite some time. it was totally worth it. and the result was one of the coolest series of wedding photos i have ever created. and now, they are forever preserved in a beautiful and delightfully modern iris book. how cool is that?!

check this thing out…

this is an 10×10 iris soul book with a linen cover in taupe and beautiful hand-made end papers.
the custom de-bossing with no foil is a subtle and modern touch.
i love the simplicity and feel of a coffe table book style album. it feels like you’re flipping through an art book. the pages are crisp and clean. and there are 100 of them to boot which allows the inclusion of many more images than most albums.
i couldn’t be happier with the result and i am so excited to now offer this book as an option in all of my wedding photography collections. so cool.
photographers, if you’re on the prowl for something fresh and modern, check out IRISbook. they are onto something to be sure.

  • cg - Hurray!! It looks beautiful, and I haven't even seen it up close. Can't wait!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - These look gorgeous! I'm going to have to check them out. :)

    xo – JaneyReplyCancel

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