Alex + Travis // Beloved.

When Isaac and I first met Alex & Travis, we were sold from the moment they walked through our door. Their magnetic personalities, awesome style and downright fun-ness had us gushing over them instantly. We feasted on Isaac’s lemon blueberry scones and found ourselves lost in conversation…in laughter…in dramatic reenactments of life happenings. And before you know it, three hours had passed and we’d hardly talked about wedding photography, and yet we knew we were going to document their special day. That’s the best. Alex & Travis are the types of people you want at your cocktail party, or as flea market buddies, or with you on an adventure in downtown LA because they bring such energy, fun, and excitement. And beyond that, you can tell that they live their lives in a way that is authentic & honest and that they are deeply committed to experiencing life to the fullest. I quite like people like that. Ok enough of me fawning over them, and onto their story…

They grew up in the same small town in wine country north of Santa Barbara and while they knew each other throughout their childhood, it wasn’t until their college days that they began to date and somewhere in between movie nights, dinner parties and outings to Disneyland, they began to fall in love. In the everydayness and the excitement of their adventures, they still find themselves feeling as though each day, each moment, each kiss is a special and real as the first. And it’s vividly evident that they simply adore each other with every fiber of their being. “I love his┬ásense of humor, his compassionate and caring nature, and how motivated he is. He inspires me to be a better person,” she said fondly of Travis. “I love her optimism and that she can find the positive side of any situation. She has the greatest sense of humor. She makes me feel like nothing else matters besides us.” That my friends is love, and it’s a beautiful thing. And lucky for us, we got the chance to witness that love and connect and create a series of images that reflect it. Without any further ado, I give you Alex & Travis’ Santa Monica Beloved Session….

  • Ryan - Every one of these images is an absolute home run! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two for quite some time now, and their spirit could not have been captured in a more perfect manner! Truly beautiful and captivating photographs.ReplyCancel

  • Gen - Absolutely gorgeous session. You made that pier look so romantic and I won’t look at it the same way the next time I’m there. :)ReplyCancel

  • Alex Evjen - LOVE the whole theme of this shoot. Their outfits were perfect for it.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne McCormick - Love your use of color and the angels.
    Love your blog.ReplyCancel

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